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Spinal Stabilization Technologies is a development stage company. The device here within is undergoing pre-clinical investigations and has not been cleared by the FDA for human use at this time.

Spinal Stabilization Technologies, LLC (SST) is a medical device company developing a lumbar intervertebral disc nucleus replacement. The PerQdisc™ is an in-situ formed silicone based prosthesis designed to support a minimally invasive surgical approach for patients undergoing nucleus replacement surgery to treat chronic low back pain associated with degenerative disc disease (DDD). After a total nuclectomy (removal of the inner portion of the spinal disc), the PerQdisc™ replaces the patient’s diseased nucleus, recreating the physiologic motion and distribution of weight bearing forces of the natural disc nucleus. The goal of the PerQdisc™ is to offer a motion-preserving technology to patients who would otherwise be a candidate for spinal fusion or total disc replacement. SST is currently enrolling patients in a clinical trial called NUCLEUS 181. Sites are currently recruiting in Europe to evaluate the safety of the PerQdisc™ lumbar intervertebral device.  We are currently only enrolling patients in Europe, but will be adding additional sites outside of Europe in the near future.


The Spinal Stabilization Technologies PerQdisc is currently undergoing clinical trials and is not commercially available in any country.