Spinal Stabilization Technologies offers an innovative, less invasive lumbar spine disc nucleus replacement for degenerative disc disease. The patented PerQdisc™ device replaces the physical space of the nucleus (jelly-like material inside the disc) and restores motion and weight-bearing capabilities in an anatomical fashion.



PerQdisc™ Device

Spinal Stabilization Technologies™ introduces a less invasive alternative treatment: The PerQdisc™ Nucleus Replacement System. A less invasive surgical option that replaces the physical space of the nucleus, recreates the physiologic motion, and redistributes the weight-bearing forces in an anatomical fashion.


Treatment Options

Historically, treatment options for degenerative disc disease (DDD) have included doing nothing, physical therapy, opioids for pain management, spinal fusion, and total disc replacement.

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– Short 3D procedure video of PerQdisc™ future technology.

– Q&A with members of the Spinal Stabilization Technologies team.



Published studies, test results and conclusions.

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