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PerQdisc™ Technology

Spinal Stabilization Technologies offers an innovative, potentially less invasive lumbar spine disc nucleus replacement for chronic low back pain associated with degenerative disc changes. The patented PerQdisc™ device replaces the physical space of the nucleus pulposus and mimics the biomechanics of the native disc. 

PerQdisc Implant Delivery Device

Spinal Stabilization Technologies™ introduces a less invasive alternative treatment: The PerQdisc™ Nucleus Replacement System. A less invasive surgical option that replaces the physical space of the nucleus, recreates the physiologic motion, and redistributes the weight-bearing forces in an anatomical fashion.

link to SST videos

–Short video of PerQdisc™ Technology Explained.

– Short 3D procedure videos of PerQdisc™ current and
future technology.

– Q&A with members of the Spinal Stabilization Technologies team.

Link to publications

Published studies, test results and conclusions.

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In the News and Press Releases

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