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Spinal Stabilization Technologies offers an innovative, minimally-invasive lumbar spine disc nucleus replacement for degenerative disc disease. The patent-pending PerQdisc™ device replaces the physical space of the nucleus (jelly-like material inside the disc) and restores motion and weight bearing capabilities in an anatomical fashion.



Spinal Stabilization Technologies™ introduces a lesser invasive alternative treatment: The PerQdisc™ Nucleus Replacement System. A minimally invasive surgical option that replaces the physical space of the nucleus, recreates the physiologic motion, and redistributes the weight bearing forces in an anatomical fashion.

PerQdisc™ Device


Historically, treatment options for degenerative disc disease (DDD) have included doing nothing, physical therapy, opioids for pain management, spinal fusion, and total disc replacement.

Treatment Options

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– Short 3D procedure video of PerQdisc™ technology.

– Q&A with members of the Spinal Stabilization Technologies team.



Published studies, test results and conclusions.